Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Unplanned Get Together!!!

1:30PM: Having my lunch at home with my mother after a long and busy morning, suddenly my cousin sister showed up. She had come down to my place for a regular meet as I was to leave to Pune this evening. She was to leave for college soon after seeing me. In talks she invited me to drop in her in her college. We talked for about an hour and then she told me that one of my closets friends in school is with her.
2:30PM: By now I had finished my lunch and was in talks with her and we left for her college. We reached her college and I called him up from her cell phone. The Bell Rang….. TRING… TRING…. He picked up the phone and I had to say what I really wanted or needed to rather. I just asked him to come down to canteen I told him that this was someone special….
3:00PM: He arrived and as soon as he saw me the smile on both of our faces was worth having a look…. (THIS WAS LATER TOLD TO ME BY MY SISTER. SHE TOLD THAT THE SMILE WAS PICTURE PERFECT). His name is Saif Shaikh one of the most sincere students in school was there standing in front of me in his college UNIFORM with goggles hung up in his shirt with beard and mustaches like a PUCCA Loafer…. My Eyes were stunned for a second… A PAUSE… Glimpses of what I had expected were now shocked big time. I could see the contrast in the person’s expectations.
3:15PM: We ordered a cup of coffee and sat at the table for talks. As talks began small small memories of the school days were recalled. All the little mischief of those wonderful days of my life came in the front of mine. The incidents of being expelled from class for late reporting after the lunch break… Being taken took the principal Sr. Muriel for misbehavior….Be it Mrs. Wakare’s mimicry… Mrs. Vimal’s Dialogue…. Sir Varghese acting….. Incident of the monkey showing up in school…… Mrs. Sulbha’s Dramas of discipline….. Getting a beating from Sir Naresh… weather it may be on account of the march-past or on account of a failure to win the basketball matches…..etc etc….. And what not…..The list is endless…….
5:00PM: The talks went on and on until this time I got a call from my mom about my where about that I realized that I had to leave for pune the same day…..
I’ll always be very much grateful to my cousin sister for showing up and giving me an unforgettable and a naughty and one of the most memorable afternoons of my life…. THANKS Krutika thank you!!!!!


  1. since i am quite unsure of what i'll comment on ur other two blogs(since they r enggy style technical.........nodoubt they r excellently written...but i chose something to which i could add),....well u r doing a good job n keep it up!.........what m qt pleased with is the fact that u still remember all the minute details of our school!

  2. Hey !! nice work dude,,i think i will add my version now,,so here i was sitting in my frnds chandu's room watching the movie 1920 as v decided 2 bunk college,,,n halfway across that chandu gets call by krutika n he says she wants 2 talk with me i was surprised about this but more surprised when i heard ur voice,so i just said bye n left on my bike and college was near so i reached there in no time 2 find u smiling back at me just same as i thought u would ,,i think i will never get used 2 ur height as it takes time 2 see whole of u in 1 go.n as u said v chatted for a gud 1 1/2 hr,,i wuld thank krutika too for our meeting.


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