Monday, April 27, 2009

My journey...Down the Memory Lane...

                Yes. The very last semester of Engineering. Soon I would complete my engineering. As I started walking towards the department for the final submissions, something was bothering me but I continued walking. As I walked past the Civil Department Building, I peeked inside and saw myself as though I was looking in the mirror. I paused. Before I could realize anything I saw all my first year friends coming down the steps one by one. The passed me as though they didn't see me. I was stunned for a second and then realized that it was only my imagination. 

                 Something was calling me inside the building and I just followed it. As I stepped onto the first floor, I came across my first year's classroom. All the memories started coming to mind as I started my journey... down the memory lane...

The First year........
The First Year.
                The first day in college was a good experience. As I entered the college, I was almost stunned with its beauty and surrounding. The cricket ground which I had never imagined would be there; the tough walk to the college office with all the steep roads; the greenery which was looking greener due the rain; the open air theatre; and the hot cup of coffee I had. Everything was still clear in my mind as tough I really was living that day once more. I still remember the principal's address that we had to attend when I met my first friend in college life, none other than Mr. Microsoft J himself, Anand Gupta.

              First year also gave me one of the most important friends in my in life, Mr. Sujeet Kumar. The memories of the teachers who taught me in the first year and how the classes would be full came in front of the eyes. Being present in the class was important for me in the first year even though I never understood a single word that the teacher was trying to explain. The manner in which the classrooms were full even before the teacher arrived, is something that I find unbelievable.  The first submissions of our careers which were complete without any problems and hustle. The Monday tests for which all used to study so hard. The small jokes which were cracked in the class; throwing of bits of papers on the person who sits on the first bench; the way we needed to hurry in the lunch break so that we didn't need to wait in the queue.  The little time which we had to prepare for the examination and the way we studied in the library in groups was fun. I enjoyed every moment of it. It also was the place where I met one of my friends Mr. Shivam Verma. It was he who taught me how to study in groups and use the policy of Divide and Conquer strategy to conquer the subjects.

An Important Art
                     After that the second year started. My friends group was shattered into various departments and one of my best friends had to leave to college as he went to US for further studies. As usual, I returned a week late from home after college reopening. My first day in the DEPARTMENT was incredible as I had to pay my first FINE to college. And you better believe it, it wasn't going to be the last that I would be needed to pay for mistakes that I wasn't responsible for. That day I met Mr. Rushi Mallawat; one of the most uninterested persons in college activities, a common quality we shared, making us good friends. Admitting, it was the second year that gave me most of my friends. It was this time that I met Mr. Saron Surendran, the always absent when required guy, the easy going Mr. Sanket Kavishwar, the flamboyant Mr. Prateek Singhvi, Mr. Academic Excellence J Mr. Vivek Tare and many others. This was the time that I learnt the most important art in engineer's life, the art of sleeping in the classroom which gave you strength to bear the lectures.

                 The most remarkable group which was formed by chance was in the third year when the department decided to make division among students alphabetically. The entire rowdy J easy going one came together in the third division. I loved to call it our submission group. The group was planned in the most unplanned way. We never thought of anything that would be called the Submission group, but as time would have it, it became the group. Mainly it was formed because of the ignorance of all of us towards the college submissions. The Group consisted of the Print Out guys Mr. Piyush Shah and Mr. Siddhant Kadam; the file organization and completion guy in Mr. Shivam Verma; the program completion and error removing guys in Mr. Akshay Singh and Mr. Subodh Shah. I still remember the way we modeled our OOMD system. Mailed the diagrams to each other for their approval and then sent it for the final printout. We completed together all our submissions in the 3rdyear including DSP, RVPL, SDTL, OOMD, CNL, and the list goes on and on. Third year has given me a lot of memories that I would really cherish for the rest of my life. First, it for the first time made me realized how stupid I was. The places where and faltered and it made me realize my strengths. Being part of EXCELSIOR was a great experience. The true Subodh came out during those times. And who can forget the placement era. Wow it truly was a great experience.

"BE (final year) is very easy. You don't need to attend college and you can spend as much time and completing submission is a piece of cake. You could bunk the college under the name of project work."

              These were the words of a senior from the department. Now as I look back at the soon to be completed final year, I realize how was just trying to pull the leg. This I say NOT because it's really tough to complete the final year's submissions and Project work but due to the unforgettable help which you get from the teachers is simply off the charts. Managing time is fun. No matter how hard you try, it's really fun when you stumble upon something called as fine for late work. And if you are planning for some extracurricular activities then it's just the perfect icing on the cake. The time we spent together working on projects working late nights in order to meet the company deadlines was fun. Who can forget the time which we spent waiting for teachers to sign the file and the project report. The number of times we needed to run after the teachers. WOW! It was fun a real fun. But still I feel the time I spent in the final year would be the few times that would stay in my memory for ever. Then I realized one of the most important things that how much the department loves us from the bottom of the heart. The way it closed the gates and locked all the students inside so that no one could escape would be something astonishing.

TO BE Continued.........


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