Thursday, June 14, 2012

Believe; really believe you can move a mountain... and you can.

            Surprised! That’s what the first impression when you get when you actually read the blog title. But that is the problem. Not many actually believe that they can move a mountain, and hence they cannot. They are so afraid so or in Indian terms lazy that they do not care of trying.

             On most occasions you’ve probably heard someone say something like, “It’s nonsense to think that you can move a mountain. It’s impossible to think you can make a mountain move simply by saying ‘Mountain move away.’ It’s simply impossible.” People who think this way are mostly victim of wishful thinking. And true enough, you can’t wish a mountain move away. You can’t wish yourself into an executive suite; nor can you wish yourself in a five-bedroom, three-bath house. These people are often confused between wishful thinking and belief. They are so much in awe of wishful thinking that they are not willing to put an effort to do what they actually belief. Our mind is strictly under the control of our thoughts and belief. Once you start to actually believe in what you want to do, the how to do it comes automatically. 

            The “I’m-positive--I-can” attitude generates power, skills, and more importantly the energy to do what you belief. When you actually believe I-can-do-it; the How-to-do-it, comes develops. 

            With every passing moment, all over the country young people start working in new jobs. Each of them ‘wishes’ that someday he could enjoy the success that goes with reaching the top; but the majority of these people simply don’t have the belief and that it takes to do to reach the top rungs. And, as a result, they do not reach there. The problem is that they think it’s impossible to climb high, they do not discover the steps that lead to great heights. Their behaviour remains the same i.e. similar to that of an ‘average’ person.

             While others who believe that they will see succeed - and that it’s not impossible - study and observe the behaviour of senior executives. They learn how successful people approach problems and take decisions. They observe the attitudes of successful people.

             I met a guy few months back and he said he was frustrated about doing a job and had quit the High paying High profile job in Giant Financial Company. He was pissed off about having out to rent out his mind and make it work for someone else. So, I fine day he said enough is enough and he quit. He talked to me about belief and yes, he wanted to work for himself. Not sure what he actually wanted to do next, the only thing he had was strong belief that he could do it. Everyone is born talented and set out to achieve what he dreamt off.

His strong belief made his mind think innovatively and he has now started a venture and today is the owner of the company. Re-iterating
Believing you can do it; the how-to-do-it develops automatically.

My advice to you is simple, in today’s competitive world; nobody is going to hand over anything. You are the source of more enthusiasm and have the power to harness thoughts. Make of mind work for you. Start believing in simple things, and way to happiness evens out in front of you.

Stop Wishing and Start Believing!!!!


  1. Now dis is wat I say is d conclusion of life .... Dude very well written n awesomely described d prob of dis generation ppl now a days hv just lost faith in themselves their ideologies n abova all faith in d power they have within ... Everyone has gr8 dreams n I guess today ppl r more day dreamer than actually workin to get dere dreams ... So d mountain really moves just by thinkin n through my personal life experience I have come to a conclusion "whatever u say happens sooner or later " so its better u say d best n rest automatically will happen by ur true belief in wat u said ...prateek singhvi

  2. As famous quote by Robert Heinlein goes like this "In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it"

    The comfort zone one gets , "Salary is credited" sms at the end of every month or lack of courage and self belief , makes it difficult for most of us to carve out our own Happy path.

    The fear of failure is the major roadblock forcing us to stick to whatever we are doing now. (at least I have this fear )

    May be before your next post I shall be out of this so called comfort zone and will be happily working on my GOAL :)

    Keep posting .. Happy Blogging :)

    1. @My Diary : #Fear of Failure... Read this..

  3. Yes... "Believing you can do it; the how-to-do-it develops automatically."

    Just believing isn't enough... Or rather everything else believing, thinking, planning, etc. etc. is pointless unless you START! And CONTINUE it for a 'fair time' giving it a 'fair chance'...

    Or to re-frame DOING is BELIEVING...


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