Friday, June 15, 2012

Make brain work for you rather than making it work against You!!

Believe it or not or are the Owner of a factory. Yes! You are.

Our brain is a thought factory. The thought factory is responsible for the way we work, the way we act and the way we feel. This factory is very productive and effective. It produces thousands of thoughts per day. Every passing minute, a new thought comes to our mind.

            The factory is mostly influenced by the way we think; our surrounding environment. The way people feel around us, and the general topics of discussion. The factory consists of mostly 2 workers only. We will call these 2 workers as Mr Triumph and Mr Defeat. In order to understand the picture let’s do a simple exercise.

Even while reading think out that “Today is a Lousy day.” This sends out a signal to Mr Defeat and immediately Mr Defeat, kicks into action and starts pointing out some reason to prove you that you are right. Even as you read, all the Defeat thoughts would start appearing in front of your mind. You would certainly start feeling that how yesterday was long and tiring day, and how much you need to rest. How hot the day is or how cold it is; business will be bad today. All the enthusiasm is drained out of you. Mr Defeat is tremendously efficient. In just a few minutes he will be able to sell it to you the fact ‘Today is indeed a lousy day’.

            On the other hand try to think this, “Today is a wonderful day. The weather is refreshing. It’s good to be alive. I feel so happy.” This sends out a signal to Mr Triumph and immediately Mr Triumph gets to work. Mr Triumph starts working and starts pointing out to you that ‘Today indeed is a fine day’. Today you can catch on some of your work.

            Mr Defeat will always try to demonstrate to you that you would fail, while Mr Triumph will demonstrate you that you will succeed. Mr Defeat will prepare a brilliant case why are not better than Tom; while Mr Triumph will show you why you are better than Tom.

            The more you make either of the gentleman work; the stronger he becomes. The Mr Defeat is given more work to do, he adds personnel and starts taking up more space in your mind. Eventually it may so happen that he may take over the entire thought manufacturing division of your Thought Factory, and virtually all the thoughts would be of Defeat nature.

            The best thing to do is to Fire Mr Defeat. Nobody needs him. Nobody wants him to be told what you cannot do, you are not up to it, and you’ll fail. Mr Defeat can’t help you get where you actually wants to go, so boot him out. As Will Smith says in the famous movie The Pursuit of Happyness, ‘Don’t allow anyone to tell what you cannot do. If you got a dream you need to protect it.’ So the only wise thing is to fire Mr Defeat.

It summary, it’s simple.

Think defeat and fail.
Think victory and succeed.

PS: The above is an excerpt from a book which I read sometime back; Thought of writing it down in my Digital Diary. Hats off to the original Author!

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